The 99 Cent King Lear


Admiral’s Feast
The Adventures of Ernie Elf
After Joey
An Afternoon of Their Lives
The ALIENiation of Lizzie Dyke
All For a White Coat
All’s Well That Ends – If You’re Lucky
The Amazing X
An Evening with Dorothy and James
An Evening with Uncle Val
Anatomical Energy
And the Murderer Is . . .?
And This is the Sequal to “And This is Bob and Irene”
The Apple and the Tree
Apostles for the Burning
The Argentine Consul: A Satire
As Loved our Fathers
As New As Old
Atlantic Barrier
Aunt Martha’s Wonderful Sheep
The Autumn Birch
Autumn in St. Jaques


Back From the Brink of Eternity
The Ballad of Patrick Docker
The Bard of Prescott Street
Barely Dead and Hardly Missed
Be Bop Delux
The Beatles Play Bishop’s Falls
Beaumont Hamel
Beaumont Hamel (The Somme – 50 Years Later)
The Beothucks
The Best Man
Better Than the Best
The Betrayal (adaptation)
Between a Rock and a Hard Place
Beyond Zebra
A Big Fat Lie
The Big One
Bilingual Readings
Billy Max in Progress
Bless Me Teeth
Both Ends Burning
The Boys Who Cried Wolf
Brainy and the Zanies
Buchans – A Mining Town
Bugs! Bugs! Bugs!
Burbank and Volupine
The Burying Ground
Bus Ride
Butler’s Marsh


Callibogus and Ice
Can These Bones Live?
The Canadian Woman
The Caribou
Carolan: Last of the Irish Bards
The Case of the Skylight Burglar
The Cask of Amontillado
The Castaways
Catholic Church in the Colony of Newfoundland
Catlover: A Play for Stage
A Century of Steam
Chapel Arm
Check In
The Christmas Bell
A Christmas Carol (adaptation)
A Christmas Tragedy
Cleaning up the House
Clown Duet in B Sharpe
Cod on a Stick
The Coffee House
The Cold Country
Collette (The Captive)
Colour the Flesh the Colour of Dust
Consider the Lilies
Cookstown Rag
The Cool One
Corey and Wade’s Playhouse: Young, Stupid, and Not all Together With It
Count Your Blessings
Crime and Punishment
Cult of the Personality


The Daily News
Dancing on the Roof
Das Capital: Or What Do You Want To See The Harbour For Anyway?
Dave and Mona
Day of Departure
The Day the Scharnhorst Died
Deadly Innocence
Death On the Ice
The Deerstalkers
Der Cirk Bizzirk
Destination: Goose Bay
Deviant Daisy and Strange Ray
The Devil You Don’t Know
Dismus Sails the Seven Seas
A Documentary Entertainment On the Establishment of the Roman
Double of Nothing
Down North, Labrador Doctor, Study of the IGA
The Dream of the Hag
Dream Sources
The Dream-Timer
Droppings from Heaven
Drumanen – House of Dreams
The Dry Years
A Duel on the Sea
Dying in Your Arms Again


East End Story
The Eden of the North or A Day in the Life of the Grenfell Mission
Eleven to Seven
The End
End of the Road
Endless Night
An Evening with Dorothy and James
Everybody’s Doing It
The Eyes of the Gull


Faces of Women
Falling Through the Cracks
Fantasy for Phylis
Far From Shore

The Fickle Finger
The Fig Tree
Filthy Rich and Easy
The First Across
The First Stone
A Fisherman and his Soul a Gentle Creature
A Fisherman’s Lament
The Fisherman’s Ordeal Relocation
The Fisherman’s Revenge
Fishwharf and Steamboat Men: The Story of the Longshoremen’s Protective Union
Flying Non-Stop Across the Atlantic
For Every Man An Island
Four Cloaked and Hooded Figures
Four Episodes x 16 Attitudes
A Fragment for Father
Frederick N. Gisborne
Frog Pond
The Frozen Spring


Gamblers Never Die
The Gayden Chronicles: A Play
The Gentle Rain
The Gentleman Amateur
A Gentleman’s Agreement
Gentlemen, Gentlemen, Please
Gently Falling Flakes
The George and Dragon
Gerald and the Judgement Day
Girl Talk
Goodbye Mr. Ross
Goodbye Piccadilly
Good-Bye Mama
Good-Bye Your Excellency
The Grand Bank Robbery
The Greenspond Missionary
Gros Mourn
Gutted Head On


The Hangashore
Hanlon House
The Happy Prince (adaptation)
Hardly a Sensible Evening
The Head, Guts and Soundbone Dance
The Headless Penny
Heart’s Content
Help Me, Hepplewhite
He’s Such a Fine Dancer
High Steel
The History of a New Founde Lande
A History of Newfoundland
Hold Fast
The Holdin’ Ground
Home Before Long
Home For the Holidays
The Honoured Guest
Hope is a Sound of Seagulls
A Horse for Iceberg Cove
A House Divided
House of Hate
The House Wife
How Beautiful Upon the Moutains
How Many Prescilla Ann(e)s Can There Be?
How to Catch a Pirate
The Hugh Moore Show
Hunters by the Sea


I Can’t Get No . . .
I Was a Teenage Love Doll (1 and 2)
I’ve Killed Before and I’ll Kill Again
In Search of Confederation
The (In)complete Herstory of Women in Newfoundland (and Labrador!)

The Inside Out
Inside Stories
The International Year of the Chive
Ireland’s Eye
Irregular Entertainment: The Bingo Show
It’s a Big Fat Lie
It’s an Ill Wind
It’s Your Move
I.W.A. – The Newfoundland Loggers’ Strike of 1959
Ivy and the Troll


Jack, Jill, and the Others
Jack Meets the Cat or Jaxxmas
Jacob’s Wake
The Jailer’s Daughter and Other Mad Fools Cracking Their Livers to Pieces for Love

Jaxxmas (Jack’s Christmas)
Jelly Beans and Shattered Dreams
A Job for Sammy
The Job Hunter
Joey (and others)
John and the Missus
Just a Postal


King O’ Fun
The King of Ashes
King’s Cove
Kitchen and Beach
The Known Soldier


A Labrador Doctor
The Land of Cain
The Last Beothuck
Last Chance to Dance: Pavement Pageant Profiles
Last Dance at the Avalon
The Last Resort
The Last Ride of the Bullett
Lead Me Home
The Legend of the Christmas Rose
The Letter
A Liberal Sense of Humor
The Life of John Cabot
Live Soap
Looking Back 1983: a Collection of scripts (1880, 1881, 1882, 1883)
Lost Island Oprey
The Lost Princess
Love is a Walnut
LULU (adapted from original texts by Frank Wedekind)


M is for . . .
Mafeking – A Victorian Legend (with “Gardner”)
Magnafoot Mountain
Makin’ Time With the Yanks
Making Time with the Yanks
Mama was Mermaid
Man on the Moon/Woman on the Pill
Manitou: The People
Marguerite Gautier
The Mark of Keene
A Matter of Conscience
A Matter of Time
Meet Me At 3:05
Men, They Can’t Win Can They
Middle C Mania
A Midsummer’s Nightmare
The Mind Makers
The Miracle of Fish
The Missing Day
Missing Teeth in Cavity Cove
Mixed Commotions
A Model of Colonial Government: Sir William McGregor
The Moon Shone Bright: A Play
The Moonless Nights
Mrs. Pippy’s Story: Adventist Pioneers in Newfoundland
Mr. Eddie’s Travelling Apocalypse
Mr. Invisible

Mr. Master Minder
Mumming Play
The M.V. Christmas Seal
My Blue Heaven
My Son, The Runner
My Three Dads


Naked Bungalow
As New As Old Faces of Women
The New Found Cousin
New Lands
Newfoundlanders Away
Newfoundland Folk Opera
The Newfoundland Tempest
The Night They Killed the Queen of Hearts
No Face Smiled on Water Street
No Longer in Service
No Man Can Serve Two Masters
No Man’s Land
No Match for Michael
No Mummers ‘llowed In

No Pity

Not Recommended for Children
North Harbour Part of the Main
Nothing Else to Do


The Ocean Ranger
Of the Heart’s Cold On the Wheel Broken
On Edge
On the Hitch

On the Rim of the Curve
Once A Giant
One Big Mess

One Crack Out
One of the Gang
One Ordinary Day Out of the Year in the 25th Precinct
The Ones That Got Away
The Only Living Father
Only Qualified Applicants Need Apply
Out of the Bin
An Outport Man


The Passion Play at Oberammergau (adaptation)
The Past Itch
Pavement Pageant Profiles
The People’s House
Penfield’s Skipper
Personal Encounter
A Piece of Heaven
The Pirate Admiral
Pity the Flesh
Playthings (A play in 5 pieces)
Possible Maps
Proud Kate Sullivan


The Queen Of Paradise’s Garden
A Quiet Evening at Home


The Ray Guy Review and Caplin Supper
Red Alert
Regular Weekly Entertainment: Cards 50 cents; or The Mummers History of Newfoundland
Rehearsal Search for Michikamau
Revenge Game
Ricardo’s Place
The Right Thing
The Rise and Fall of Modern Campfire Songs
Rising Tide Reviews
The Road Through Melton
The Romeo Kuchmir Story
A Rope Against the Sun
Rough Justice: a play in one act
The Rowdyman


Salt Herring
The Sealhunter
The Serpent’s Coil (adapted from Farley Mowat)
Seventh Daughter
Shall We Dance
The Shaman
Sheila Na Geira
Show Me the Button
I’ll Push it (Or Charles Lynch Must Die)
Signifying Nothing
Sickness, Death and Beyond the Grave.
This Side of Heaven
The Silent City
Simon, Simon
Sins of the Father
Six Gums Headed for Tulsa
Skipper Issac Strikes Bottom
Slander Libel and Three Months in Jeuvy
Slouching Towards Bethlehem
The Snow Queen (adaptation)
So Oft it Chances
Sold Out
The Soldier and the Woman
Some Slick: A Musical Fantasy of Offshore Oil
Sometimes We Die
Somewhere Over the Boarder
The Soul Walking

Sposin I Dies In d’Dory
Stars in the Sky Morning
Still Alive
The Strange Case of Kenneth Brady
The Strength of Love
St. John’s Holocaust
Summer Festival (1881-82)
Survival in the South
The Swinton Massacre


The Tale Ends
Tempting Providence
That’s What He Does
The Ten-Twenty
Terras de Bacalhau (Land of Cod)
Their Prayers We Raise
Theresa’s Creed
There’s a Seal in the Bottom of the Garden
There’s One in Every Family
They Club Seals, Don’t They?
Thirty-two Feet Per Second-Squared
Three Days to Golgotha
Three Dogs Barking
Time Before Thought
A Time for Doors
The Time of Your Life
To The Wall
Tomorrow Will Be Sunday
The Topsail Geisha
To Inhabit the Earth is Not Enough
A Touch of Local Colour
A Town for the Burning
Town of Tiny Buckle Glen
Trans Canada What?
Transatlantic Cable
Travels with Aunt Jane: The New Found Cousin
The Triumph and Tribulations of the Early Suffragettes and others or Go Home and Bake Bread
The Trouter’s Special
The Truce
The Truck
Trust Me
Tune for a Toy Piano
Twice Burned Once Shy
Two Big for Our Britches
Two Sides of Darkness
Tyrannocircus Rex


Uncle Tim’s Barndance
Until June
Unto the Earth: Vignettes of a War
Up at Ours


A Very Luck Woman


Wail ‘Till I Gets You Home
A Walk in the Rain
Walking to Australia
Wall of the Galaxies
The Wave
Weather Permitting – Silakepat Kissiane
The Web of Eros
Wedding in Texas
Welcome to the Daisy Chain
The Well Pressed Well Dressed Gentleman
West Moon
Were You There
We’ll L’Arn ‘Em
We’re No Match for No One
We’re S.A.V.E.D.
What’s That Got to Do With the Price of Fish?
Wheel in the Middle of a Wheel
Who Killed Harry Scotch?
Who Said Anything About Tea?
Will You Take a Seat
Willie and the Bootleg Boots
Willie Wins Again
Wind and Water
Winter Scene
Within Reach
Woman in a Monkey Cage
Wonderbolt Circus Show
The World to an End Will Come
Would You Like To Smell My…Pocket Crumbs?
The Wreck of the Ethie
The Wreck of the Florizel
The Wreckers


Young, Stupid, and Not all Together With It
Young Triffie Been Made Away With
You’re the Clever One


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